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Wedding Video Examples

Wedding Video Packages:

Fundamental:$595 - 4 hours

• Location / venue exterior shots.
• Bride & Bridesmaids before ceremony.
• Groom & Groomsmen before ceremony.
• Ceremony (wireless audio, one camera)
• Reception.
• Editing: Fundamental editing of events to DVD.
• DVD: 2 DVDs with menu and chapter navigation menu.

Basic: $995 - 6 hours

• Location / venue exterior shots
• Bride & Bridesmaids before ceremony
• Groom & his guys before ceremony
• Guests arriving
• Ceremony (wireless audio, TWO cameras)
• Bride & Groom immediately after wedding
• Departing for reception
• Basic Reception (one camera)
• Editing: Basic editing-Music & Events
• DVD: 2 DVDs with menu & chapter menu, color picture of bride & groom printed onto the DVD.

Classic $1495 - 8 hours

• Location / venue, exteriors.
• Bride and Bridesmaids getting ready; 2nd location.
• Groom & Groomsmen getting ready; 2nd location.
• Wedding party arriving venue.
• Special events with Groom & Groomsmen before wedding (at location).
• Entire wedding ceremony (wireless audio, two cameras).
• Bride & Groom immediately after wedding, shooting with photographer.
• Wedding party leaving venue.
• Wedding party arriving at the reception.
• Bride & Groom arriving at the reception.
• Best man's toast & other speeches (all speakers will have wireless audio).
• The Bride & Grooms first dance.
• Father's dance with the bride.
• Cake cutting.
• Bouquet toss.
• Garter toss.
• Well wishing guests.
• Candid shoots of guests at the reception, dancing, etc.
• Bride and Groom's get-away.
DVD: 2 DVDs with Bride & Groom's picture printed onto the DVD. DVD in library case with picture of couple.

Premium: $1995

Same as Classic Package plus:

• Music Video with couple: I will go to a location with the couple and videotape them to edit into a music video. Locations could be: the beach, a park, or anywhere that may have a special meaning to the couple. (Mileage restrictions apply).
• Interviews with Bride & Groom conducted separately.
• Two cameras at the reception
• More elaborate editing.
• DVD: 4 DVDs in library cases as above.


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