Event Videos

Videotape & Transfer to DVD

DaryDesign Video can Videotape your special event:

Packages start at $250.
Split the cost with your friends.

"Don't watch another of your child's plays through a camera’s viewfinder."

Videotape Your Event

DaryDesign Video can videotape your special event and transfer it to DVD.

We use two cameras & digital sound system to capture your event.

Your video is edited and transferred to DVD. Each DVD comes with menus and chapters to easily navigate to the portion of the DVD you want to see.
For example, to navigate to Act 2 - Scene 3 of a play the viewer would go to the Chapters Menu and click on the video link to that portion of the DVD.

DVD Duplication & Graphics

DaryDesign Video will create and print a specialized graphic of your event on your DVD. All duplication and printing is done in house.

We use only the best quality DVD media.
Each DVD comes in its own hard plastic Jewel Case.
100% Guaranteed.